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Associate Professor Min Li was Invited to Attend International Conference Entitled “CPEC: OBOR & Beyond” in Pakistan
Time: 2016-11-15  Visits:

On 14th November 2016, International Conference entitled “CPEC: OBOR & Beyond” was held in Islamabad, Pakistan. The conference was organized by China Study Center at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Senators in Congress of Pakistan, National Defense Commission Chairman, Chairman of Coordination Committee of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Pakistan-china Association President Mushahid Hussain delivered welcome speeches. Dozens of officers, scholars, entrepreneurs and from China, Pakistan and other countries, think tanks, enterprises and media, and more than 100 teachers and students from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology attended the conference. Office director Min Li was invited to attend the conference.

CPEC, an important part of the Belt & Road, is regarded as a flagship and sample project in the construction of the Belt & Road. It also has the function of intersection point and hub of Belt & Road. Promoting CPEC is not only good for the development of both two countries, but also playing a leading role in a larger area. Associated with the topic of “how to promote the role of CPEC in Belt & Road”, the conference conducted a deep discussion in the field of policy, economic, trade, culture, security, and media. More than ten experts gave a keynote speech. According to the schedule of this conference, associate professor Min Li gave a presentation. The paper “CPECto Create the Example of Community of Shared Destiny for All Mankind” from Prof Hongqi Sun was discussed in this conference.

During the visiting period in Islamabad, associated professor Min Li was also invited to visit COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, China Study Center. Min Li and director of China Study Center, Prof. Tanvir Jafri conducted a wide discussion about the topic of how to carry out the cooperation between CPEC and Belt & Road.

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