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Lecture on Think Tank Construction of Jiangsu Normal University
Time: 2017-03-05  Visits:

On 28th February 2017, A Lecture on Think Tank Construction of Jiangsu Normal Univeristy was held by Institute of the Belt and Road and Society and Science Department of Jiangsu Normal University. Deputy director Dr. He Shen from Research Office of People’s Government of Jiangsu Province was invited to give the report about think tank construction. Vice Secretary of Party Committee of Jiangsu Normal University Dr. Hong Cen hosted the lecture. More than 150 people attended the lecture, including deans or deputy deans at related faculties, discipline leaders, key members from research bases on social sciences and part of staff members.

At first, deputy director Dr. He Shen summarized the general tendency of new think tank and emphasized how to construct the new think tank. He mainly introduced five aspects, including interactive counseling mechanism, thought market mechanism, personal development mechanism, finance operation mechanism and global transmission mechanism. Then, he described deeply how to write a think tank report. Based on his work experiences of many years, he shared lots of vivid and concrete examples in the lecture.

Dr. Hong Cen not only fully affirmed the achievements the new think tank has made in recent years and also proposed the implementation of the idea from 2017 Provincial New Think Tank Construction Update Meeting. She asked to promote the humanities and social sciences research and the construction of new think tank, to connect the research with society development, to produce more and better think tank achievements based on the understanding of the new and hot topics.

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