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The Symposium “Construction of Xuzhou as the Central City of Huaihai Economic Region” was successfully held
Time: 2017-06-02  Visits:


On 26-28 May, the symposium “Construction of Xuzhou as the Central City of Huaihai Economic Region” was successfully held. More than 30 experts from Xuzhou Government, Jiangsu Normal University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University, Jiangsu Normal University and Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences joined the symposium. The symposium received high attention from Xuzhou party committee and government. Xuzhou party secretary Zhang Guohua send a congratulation letter. He believed that it is a very important symposium. He hoped the symposium can help to identify the idea, objective, realization route, strategic measure of construction of Xuzhou as the central city of Huaihai Economic Region.

Xuzhou vice mayor Zhao Liqun, Xuzhou Economy Technology Developing Zone director Qiu Cheng, President of Jiangsu Normal University, Prof. Hua Guihong, Editor in chief of magazine <Qun Zhong>, Zhu Weining, Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development of Jiangsu Province, head of discipline inspection group, Yuan Din gave presentations in symposium, respectively. Deputy Secretary of Party committee of Jiangsu Normal University, Prof. Cen Hong hosted the opening ceremony and gave a summary of this symposium.

Associated with the construction of Huaihai Economic Region, the experts analyzed national strategy of the “Belt and Road”, “Yangtze River Delta”, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region as well as the trend of competition development. The experts agreed the development of Huaihai Economic Region should be involved into the national strategy. In addition, some experts provide an idea that region scale play an increasing important role in globalization and regionalization. Based on the analysis of successful practice of the construction of economic region at home and abroad, it is necessary to propose the innovative regional governance model by combining the actual situation of Huaihai Economic Region. Some other experts argued that urban agglomeration is the main form of new-type urbanization. It is the main carrier of economic development and the engine of regional coordinated development. It is urgent to promote the urban agglomeration in Huaihai region in order to drive the development of Huaihai Economic Region.

Associated with the construction of central city, the experts argued that Xuzhou is indisputably the central city of Huaihai Economic Region based on the historical condition of city construction, regional centrality, and strategic location. Moreover, the construction of central city in Xuzhou should balance between accumulation and radiation. They also provide some suggestions about the functional localization, dominant function selection, advantage function promotion and so on. Except the administrative function, other functions should be promoted and improved according to provincial capital city and separate planning city. Many experts proposed their options related to economic center, business logistics, financial service, science and culture center, and construction of ecological livable city.

The symposium was organized by magazine agency <Qun Zhong> and Jiangsu Normal University, and undertaken by provincial key training think tank——Belt & Road Institute of Jiangsu Normal University, magazine agency <Nanjing Social Science>. Huaihai Development Research Institute and Innovation City Development and Assessment Institute were the co-organizer. During the symposium, Belt and Road Institute and Innovation City Development and Assessment Institute signed an agreement on the cooperation of think tanks. Both of them will conduct academic research and decision making consultation with focus on innovation development of the cities along the Belt & Road.

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