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Chief Expert of Provincial Key Training Think Tank Prof. Zhengping Shen Is Employed as A Counsellor of Xuzhou Government
Time: 2016-11-02  Visits:

Xuzhou government issued a notice (Xu Zheng Fa [2016]67) on 31th October, the Chief Expert of provincial key training think tank, dean of Huaihai Development Research Institute, Prof. Zhengping Shen is employed as a counsellor of Xuzhou government.

In order to play a role of counsellor in politics, decision support, democratic supervision, and united front work, Xuzhou city government established counselor system. It can meet the requirement of deepening reform and promoting transformation development. It is also an effective way to promote the scientification of decision-making. Establishing counsellor system is an innovation measure of the united front in Xuzhou.

The second batch of counsellors was elected to three-year term by recommendation, primary selection, investigation, and approval. The fifteen counsellors consist of famous professors, entrepreneurs, members of democracy-party, persons with no political affiliation, party and government leaders, and citizens, which includes five new counsellors. The appointment was issued by Xuzhou city government, and signed by mayor of Xuzhou.


Mayor of Xuzhou government Teigen Zhou issues the counsellor certificate to Prof. Zhengping Shen

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