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The main research fields are listed as following:

1.economic and trade cooperation with countries along Belt & Road.

Establishing cooperation mechanism for the countries along Belt & Road based on the research of economic development strategy. It can provide support for the social and economic cooperation between Xuzhou and other countries.

2.Belt & Road history, culture, and language research 

It aims to promote the communication between Xuzhou and the countries along Belt & Road by conducting the research of history, culture, and language in other countries.

3.Belt & Road interconnection research 

It aims to improve the functions of Xuzhou in regional development, transportation, and Belt & Road by conducting researches on new Asia-Euro continental bridge, and Belt & Road.

4.Belt & Road intersection research

It aims to promote the economic belt along the Eastern Longhai Railway and Huaihai city agglomeration by conducting research on the function of Xuzhou in new Asia-Euro continental bridge economic corridor.

5.Belt & Road basic database research

Xuzhou government and Jiangsu Normal University co-constructed Belt & Road International cooperation forum, which relies on the Jiangsu Big Data Science and Engineering Key Laboratory, and the advantages of Belt & Road countries in education, culture, and technology. The Belt & Road basic database will provide data support for Xuzhou in promoting cooperation.

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