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Belt & Road Institute of Jiangsu Normal University was Successfully Shortlisted for the First Source of CTTI
Time: 2016-12-20  Visits:

On 17th December 2016, Conference on Chinese Think Tank Governance 2016 was held at Nanjing University. The conference was hosted by Nanjing University and Guangming Daily. More than 700 experts and scholars from central or provincial think tank management departments, the first source of CTTI and think tank research community attended the conference. Belt & Road Institute of Jiangsu Normal University was invited to attend the conference.

In this conference, the first vertical search engine and data management platform (CTTI) in China was released. CTTI was developed by Institute for Chinese Think Tank Research and Assessment of Nanjing University and Think Tank Research and Release Center of Guangming Daily. CTTI involves four databases: Institution Database, Expert Database, Product Database and Activity Database. It is a vertical search engine and data management platform with the largest size and complete intellectual property rights in China.

Since the establishment of Belt & Road Institute of Jiangsu Normal University, it has got more concern and support from both inside and outside the university, especially Xuzhou Government, Lianyungang Government, Provincial Government Laboratory, Commerce Department, Tourism Bureau, Party School, Academy of Social Sciences. The leaders of Jiangsu Normal University put focus on the development of the institute. A couple days ago, Belt & Road Institute wassuccessfully shortlisted for the first source of CTTI(2017-2018) through MRPA assessment system. Here we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the people who worked hard and made important contributions to our think tank.


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